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Grecia Karlsson Coaching

Personal Coaching - Group Coaching

Pre-Marital Couple's Coaching & TX Wedding Officiant Services



As a Life Coach, I help Highly Sensitive People build Self Trust. I help them understand themselves and guide them to make a habit of expressing kindness toward all parts of themselves. I provide them with personalized tools that can sustainably heal and protect their inner child.


As an Ordained Minister, I specialize in facilitating wedding ceremonies that set the tone for the specialness, depth, and connectedness of the evening. I ensure these sacred moments are memorable, a unique expression of the Bride and Groom as a couple, and intentionally interactive to include their beloved guests on their special day. I also offer Pre-marital couple's coaching packages that strengthen your relationship's foundation and get the very important, yet taboo subjects, out of the way!


As a Business Community Manager, I host a virtual space for entrepreneurs to co-work, connect, and collaborate. I provide emotional support, marketing insight, and encouraging accountability weekly with a goal to help small business CEO's flourish in supportive community!

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