Grecia Karlsson Coaching

Inner Child Healing. Sisterhood. Self Discovery.

About Grecia Karlsson

Growing up, Grecia experienced child molestation, a drug addicted father who was in and out of prison, fearful religious domestication, silencing, abusive relationships, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-hate, self-abuse, unmanageable anger, and a victim mentality.
When she found out of her father's murder, she turned to practical psychology and spirituality for answers to life's greatest questions. What started as a quest to find out if Heaven existed, quickly turned into an incredible self-healing journey of acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love.
Today, Grecia dedicates her life to sharing the methods she applies to heal, love on, and re-parent her inner-child with those who feel called to embark on a journey of Self Discovery with her as their Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher. She also openly shares her everyday experience, that is now filled with Miracles, Lessons, grace and immense gratitude, to inspire others to turn their pain into authentic power.


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