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with Grecia Karlsson, Life Coach


This private coaching program is for the woman who is ready to reparent her inner child, get to know her shadows intimately and embrace her gifts. This is for the woman who desires to step into the most genuine version of herself. The woman who is ready to stop following the herd and live a purposeful life. 


It is time to be the person who advocates for yourself, sets boundaries, and nourishes your mind body, and spirit in a way that is tailored to meet your unique needs. 


On this inner child healing journey, I provide you with honest reflections that feel like I am holding up a mirror to your blind spots so you can come to understand the dynamics playing out in your life. I will provide coaching that is intended to help gently (but powerfully) bring out your most authentic self, leading to a fulfilling life. 

"The result of developmental trauma is that we don't know who we actually are. We instead learn to subconsciously express traits that our emotionally unavailable caretaker(s) found desirable, and we repress the parts ourselves the caretaker doesn't find desirable." -Dr. Nicole LePera

Before inner child healing, I lived my life performing a version of myself that was a survival strategy growing up that constantly left me burnt out and starving for authentic connection. I didn't know who I was and only expressed the parts of me that received the attention that I needed when I was younger. 

Overtime, the parts of me that were repressed showed up as hating my body, codependent romantic relationships, abandonment anxiety, anger issues, and so much more.

I'm so grateful to have been on this healing journey for 7 years now. I've learned and healed so much and I'm excited to help you do the same.

Did you have this as a child?


A caregiver who helped you understand and be in touch with your emotions.

An caregiver who saw you, heard you, and valued you for who you were to help you step into your unique greatness.

A caregiver who encouraged and okay'd your mistakes, helping you to know you would grow and improve because of them.

A caregiver who created a safe place for your unique expression, so you could come to know and name your needs.

If not, it's not too late to give your inner child the care that she deserved. It's not easy and it doesn't happen overnight, but it's possible and it is worth it!


"Together" with Grecia Karlsson, Life Coach is my private one-on-one coaching container where I guide you to re-parent your wounded inner child and learn to meet her needs so she can blossom in the safety of your care. This journey can lead to authentic and sustainable healing.


Client Testimonial:


"Grecia's process has helped me understand myself in ways I've never known before. Her recommendations have given me a new level of insight that has changed how I see myself. I have a kindnss towards myself that wasn't there before." -Hannah H.


There are 3 private coaching options you can choose from:


Option 1: The Tester. 2 Sessions.

(One video call every 2 weeks).

Option 2: Ready for Change. 6 Sessions.

(One video call every 2 weeks for 3 months)


Option 3: Committed to Healing. 12 Sessions.

(One video call every week for 3 months)


Each Session is a 1 Hour Zoom Video Call

Only 4 Spots Available


Once you log into your PayPal and submit your payment,




Within 14 hours, you'll receive a "Welcome Email" to the address connected to your PayPal account. If you do not have access to that account, please email asap so  can know where to email all the important details to.


The "Welcome Email" will include a link to a self-discovery questionnaire that helps me understand your past, and create the program around your personal needs. 

On the day before each session you'll receive an email with the Zoom Video Conference Meeting ID.


What sets Grecia apart as a facilitator is her ability to inspire by example. She has mastered the art of creating safe and nurturing containers for healing by combining her own life trauma healing experiences with her academic approach to deeply learning what helps humans to sustainably heal.


The way she approaches her work is primarily about learning to appreciate the cards we have each been dealt and making the most of them.


She embraces the lows as well as the highs of her daily existence, and includes it into her work in a fun and light way, without judgment.


With her gift of illumination, she is here to help people think differently, stretch their horizons, bend rules, and let their minds soar above the mainstream.


In her heart she is a poet who holds back nothing in life, looks at everything with the softest eyes, and shares the beauty she sees with the world.

Grecia Karlsson. Seen, Heard, & Loved Facilitator.


I am a very emotional person. I experience high highs, where tears of joy stream down my face, my heart is set on fire with passion, and an awe-struck expression can’t be shaken stemming from the wonder I feel for the masterpiece that is Life.

I also experience heavy lows, where imagined loneliness makes me want to keep everything I fear to myself, I doubt my enoughness, I feel confused about my life, and disappointment plagues my moments bringing with it deep sadness.

The greatest decision I’ve made to-date: welcome ALL of these aspects of me.

When I used to resist being in a disempowered state, I would find myself shame spiraling for way longer than I wanted to. Adding more fear to my fears, thinking I should always be happy and grateful. Not realizing that I was causing more harm than good when I was trying to “fix” myself.

Now I experience so much more freedom from these heavy emotions as they come and go and the difference came from a relationship I decided to build with my fear. I stopped seeing it as my enemy that needed to die and instead began to see it as the 6 year old version of me (Little Grecia) who needs someone to talk to. Someone who won’t judge her for feeling what she is feeling. Someone who will believe that what she is experiencing is valid. Someone who will love her no matter what.

This perspective shift helped me to stop waiting for someone to “save” me in this way and so I chose to step up and begin to reparent her, One day at a time. I call this process “inner child healing”.

What this has allowed me to do is be seen, heard, and loved when I’m needing it most. This can be when I feel a low low, want to celebrate a high high, and/or even when I feel numb to it all and “meh”. I've been able to begin to heal childhood trauma through this practice and I am so grateful to have been led to teach the practical tools I use to embody this compassion, acceptance, and authentic self love.

This container was created with the intention of being a safe space, for you to cultivate a safe space within yourself, so that you can go on to be a safe space for your friends and family. Creating a ripple effect of healing in the world.


It’s not enough to know alot about healing, self-care, spirituality, and personal development. It is imperative that we practice in order for our body to regulate into our new embodied experiences. My goal is for this program to be a place where we practice be the humans that we are and I can be a resource for you to eloquently integrate all that you learn and desire to become.

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