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What to expect from the

Blossoming Self Study Course Modules

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Reprogram The Mind - Our greatest pull as humans is to align our actions with who we believe we are.


In this workshop, we will gain clarity on who our highest self is and begin reprogramming the mind by transforming any limiting thoughts about ourselves to more empowering beliefs that will inspire us to instill more aligned habits into our daily lives.

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Watch your language - Our language creates our reality.


In this workshop, we will get honest on how fulfilled we are in each major area of our lives and consciously change the stories we are telling ourselves in order to intentionally attract that which we WANT to attract. 

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Forgive the Past - Choosing not to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to suffer.

In this workshop, we will turn our past pain into authentic power by trying on many different forgiveness exercises meant to cut energetic cords and set ourselves free (allowing more space in our life for miracles). 

Module 4.png

Manifest Your Desires - The latin origin of the word desire is "de-sir" meaning from God.


In this workshop, we will allow ourselves to connect with Divinity through naming and witnessing our desires without judgment. Then, I will guide us through practical tools that allow for these desires to manifest with effortless ease. If not this, something better. 

Module 5 Img.png

Love Your Body - When we talk to plants, they will either thrive or die depending on the energy we are intending onto them. Imagine what that does to our bodies!


In this workshop, I will guide us through 10 tips to cultivate a healthy, forgiving. patient and loving relationship with our physical bodies. 

Module 6 Img.png

Connect with Spirit - Just because we cannot see gravity with our eyes, does not mean it doesn't exist.

In this workshop, I will walk us through 7 spiritual laws that will help us manifest that which we decide to believe. I will also share personal recommendations to enhance your relationship with Spirit/God/Source Energy/The Universe.

Module 7 - Img.png

Nurture Relationships - Our life will only be as fulfilling as our relationships.

In this module, I will share how to nurture our relationship with the present moment, with ourselves, with our partner, and with our parents. 

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Attract More Money - Feel the abundance all around and more abundance will inevitably find you.


In this workshop, I will guide us through EFT tapping, story reframing, and intentional energetic shifting in order to allow the Law of Attraction to work in your favor and benefit the rest of the world simultaneously. 

Module 9.png

Contribute Beyond Yourself - What bothers you most about the world? How do you feel called to fix it?


In this workshop, I will ask questions meant bring out our servant's heart. Then, I will guide us through building the courage and certainty necessary to pursue these visions without letting fear continue to hold us back. 

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Complete Self Love - A relationship with ourselves is just like a relationship with anyone else. It takes commitment, practice, patience, self forgiveness and grace.


In this module, I will share 15 practical tools to help us forgive ourselves for judging ourselves and graciously choose to love ourselves again so we may overflow with love for the world around us. 

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