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The quality of our life — emotionally, physically, and mentally — is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships.



- Quote from a 75-year Harvard Business School Study

Blossoming is for You  if...

- Your soul craves deep authentic connection with your Self and a nurturing community.

- You are a passionate and hearted-centered leader who craves to make a difference.

- You feel ready to step into your destiny.

- You want to be loved and accepted for ALL that you are.

- You are ready to regain your true authentic power and take full control of your life.

- You KNOW 2020 is THE year.

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What you'll get:

+ 16 WEEKLY LIVE INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS on ZOOM Video Conference Calls, each Wednesday Evening at 7:00 PM CST

YOU ARE THE GIFT          

- Self-Discovery

- Step into your Life Purpose

- Claim your Authentic Self

- Shine Brighter Together, Group Work


- Forgive the Past

- Embrace Change

- Love your Body

- Sisterhood Support, Group Work


- Become One with your Spirit

- Prioritize Peace

- Nurture Relationships

- Name Your Miracles, Group Work


- Complete Self-Love

- Contribute Beyond Yourself 

- Manifest your Desires

- Self Reflections, Group Work


+ 1 WEEKEND SISTERHOOD SLEEPOVER at the Karlssons residence in Austin TX, on May 1st-3rd

+ Access to a private Facebook group with driven, spiritual, and loving women from over the world. 






Grecia never judges and is always available to help you sort through your struggles with so much love!

Always with LOVE!!! Her coaching is consistent, uplifting, and completely life changing!!

When you and every one around you doesn’t believe in YOU anymore, Grecia WILL.

- Tierney

How this course came into existence:

Not too long ago I was working in corporate America, and I thought I’d made it. I was constantly recognized for my achievements, and I had all the material success I was brought up to believe would bring me happiness. I kept trying to convince myself that I had the freedom I wanted, even though I felt my life was put on hold.

Then I realized that the only times I truly felt happy were when I spent time in nature in the weekends, and in the rare occasions I got to leave for a vacation. Every day I dreaded the early morning drives to my tiny cubicle, the awkward sales calls, and the shallow interactions with business partners at networking events. My soul craved depth and meaning. That’s when I realized I could change what didn’t serve my highest good and the things that weren’t aligned with my heart’s deepest desires. I finally understood that I would never live my dream life by staying in the same place that made me unhappy.

I took myself through a process of personal development, using self-help books, empowerment coaches, spiritual growth courses, countless mentors, and when I thought I’d done it all, almost ready to give up and settle for living a mediocre life, I found myself. I discovered that I held the answers to life’s biggest questions, and they were hidden underneath my old habits, fears, and thought processes.

Now it’s my joy and honor to help others awaken their inner goddess and find happiness, joy, success, and abundance within themselves. I mastered the art of guiding people to transform their lives, by using the same tools I used to change myself from a lost, fearful girl to the powerful light worker, world traveler, and owner of multiple successful businesses that I am today.

Within 24 hours of Registering:
  • A team member will reach out to introduce you to your Soul Sisters in the Blossoming Tribe Facebook Group.

  • You’ll receive the access code for the first LIVE Group Coaching Call (on January 15th).

  • You’ll receive the Self Discovery Questionnaire, for Grecia to learn more about you and what you are seeking to add to your life.