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This is for You if...

- You desire to live a life as your highest and most vibrant self.

- You have been praying for a loving & accepting community that can hold you accountable. 

You would love to start each day with clarity and purpose-driven intentions.

- You want to turn your fears into unshakable faith in your ability to live your dreams.

- You want to feel grateful for everything in your life, but often get stuck focusing on the negative.

- You have experienced negative self talk because of your lack of commitment to yourself. 

- You feel as if the gap between where you are and where you want to be is too wide to bridge. 

- You have been using busy work, substances, or other distractions to escape your responsibilities.

You have not been consistent in your daily practice of the things you know you need to do.

- You no longer want to go to bed at night, feeling as if you wasted another day.

- You know it's up to you to make all your dreams come true, and you know it's time to step up.

- You are ready to take full responsibility of your life and start showing up for yourself. 

- You want to live life in Grace and Gratitude.

What you get:



- Guided meditation: to disconnect from the fearful programming of the current state of the world, and allow the fabric of our lives to be more beautiful and peaceful. We will get into the habit of seeing the bigger picture of life, so we can BE the change and show up with hope and love for humanity.  

- Intention setting: to live with purpose, and to no longer allow our days to go to waste.

- Prayer: to get into the habit of constant communication with the spiritual world, with God, and with our guardian angels, in order to remember that we are NEVER alone and that we are ALWAYS safe, held, and guided. 

- Affirmations: to consciously decide to embody the most empowering versions of ourselves, instead of being victims of our circumstances and allowing our environment to dictate who we can and cannot be. 

- Exercise: to get in the habit of moving our bodies and creating strong hearts. Consistent exercise aids in releasing old energy, fearful thoughts, self-judgement, & self-criticism, adding a deep sense of joy, and accomplishment in its place.

- Journaling prompts: to spend real quality time with yourself every day, and to shift fears into Love. Journaling gives your inner child a voice to be heard, and the space necessary to release any fears she may be holding on to. 

- Reading: progress equals happiness. The daily practice of learning from the great teachers that came before us, will empower us to continue on our journeys with unshakable faith in the fact that everything is possible.

+ Spiritual teaching: words of wisdom and positive perspectives to carry with us throughout the day. A practice that will enhance your awareness, raise your vibration, and help you feel connected to the way around you.

+ Take inspired action: the changes happen when we do the work. Contributing beyond ourselves is one of the most effective ways to fulfill you on a soul level. 

+ Express Gratitude

+ Q&A: an opportunity for spiritual advice, within a safe environment of loving and accepting human beings.

+ Access to a private Facebook group with supporting individuals from around the world.



Grecia never judges and is always available to help you sort through your struggles with so much love!

Always with LOVE!!! Her coaching is consistent, uplifting, and completely life changing!!

When you and every one around you doesn’t believe in YOU anymore, Grecia WILL.

- Tierney

  • A team member will reach out to introduce you to your Soul Family in a private Facebook Group.

  • You’ll receive the access code for the first Group Call.

  • You’ll receive the Self Discovery Questionnaire, for Grecia to learn more about you and what you are seeking to add to your life.