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Light Up the World 

with Grecia Karlsson, Life Coach

A three month Mastermind Group Coaching Experience where REVOLUTIONARY Healers, Light Workers, Coaches, and Love Enthusiasts come together to heal the world.
This is for YOU if...
  • You feel deeply that what you have to offer will change the world for the highest good. ✨

  • You are serious about helping to heal humans. 🧚🏻‍♂️

  • You want the information you have to offer to reach more eyes and ears. 🗣👁👂🏻

  • You are committed to being the change you want to see. 🌎

  • You have expansive visions of helping to heal hundreds, thousands, or millions of humans. 🤲🏼

  • You desire a healthy and loving relationship with money. 💸

  • You are willing to be open and ready to receive unconditional abundance in every area of your life. 🙏🏼

  • You truly feel called to serve Humanity. 🤲🏼

  • You understand an investment in yourself is an investment in your clients, family, friends, future generations, and the Earth herself. 🤝

  • You are excited to work with like minded World Changers and would love to contribute to their success as they contribute to yours. 😍

  • You are serious about manifesting your dreams and care deeply about helping to end human suffering. 🙋🏽‍♀️


Working with Grecia has given me back love, given me back my heart, and I have spoken more truth

and shared more LOVE now than I have in a decade of working in this 'energy field'. She is a Life Coach, 

but let's reword that. She gives Life to Coaches. She gave me back LIFE. She is a Master Coach, 

and I highly recommend her to all leaders everywhere.


- Seanin


+ 1 30 minute private coaching call, per month ($300 value).

+ 1 LIVE group coaching call, per week ($1200 value).

- Practical Psychology
- Spirituality

- Business Strategies
- Social Media Marketing
- Abundance Mentality

+ Access to a private Facebook group with Revolutionary Healers, Light Workers, Coaches, and Love Enthusiasts ($Priceless).

+ Interactive questions in the group to help you gain more clarity on your purpose, the fears that have held you back in the past, your passions, etc.

+ A Spiritual Retreat/Sleepover at The Karlssons in Austin, TX ($300 value).

How this course came into existence:

Life has such a beautiful way of letting you know what it wants you to do. 

The expansive feeling in your heart, the butterflies in your tummy, the fearful thoughts to overcome, the signs you ask for, the words you need to hear right when you need to hear them, and the list is limitless. 

Though it may feel like Life is surprising you sometimes, I can’t help but feel like the inspired action steps were decided and agreed on way before we even arrived in this physical body. Soul contracts. 

I have been asked to launch this Mastermind Group Coaching Experience for humans that truly feel the call to heal the world with a group of like minded individuals who value practical psychology, the wisdom of spirituality, and the magic of combining the two to create a New Earth filled with Miracles and Authentic, Unconditional Love. 


An opportunity to shine your light in front of other Social Media Influencers during your "Light Up the World Spotlight"-day. 

Guided meditations every week.

Social Media support from your newfound soul family, who are committed to spreading the reach of your love-filled content.

How it works:
  • Within 24 hours of getting started, a team member will reach out to introduce you to your Light Up the World Tribe.

  • You’ll get immediate access to the Facebook group.

  • You’ll receive the access code for the upcoming LIVE Group Calls.

  • You’ll receive a Self Discovery Questionnaire that will help Grecia understand more about you and what you are seeking to add to your life through this Coaching Experience.


IMAGINE a world where each of us chooses Love over Fear, prioritizes healing our own wounds, and communicates effectively with ourselves and with those in our outer world. 


Be the change you wish to see.

It's time to heal the world.


Are you ready to

Light Up the World?

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