Mini Courses

From Lack to Abundance

with Grecia Karlsson, Life Coach

A Video Lecture with 8 ways to attract more money into your life in 2021.
This is for YOU if...
  • You are tired of “being broke”

  • You are seeking less financial stress, and more joy in your day to day life

  • You are wanting easy to implement “law of attraction” strategies

  • You are praying for more mental clarity and direction around receiving more money

  • You are ready to shift your mindset to live a life of abundance

How this course came into existance:

Not too long ago, I was struggling to pay bills, on my knees, crying and begging God to help me figure this money thing out. At least once a month I would become so fearful, not knowing how I was going to pay the bills, buy food, or do anything fun at all!

That was when I decided to invest the money I had in hiring my own Money Manifesting Coach and invest the time that I had reading and discovering as much as I could on the Law of Attraction. I quickly found out I was doing the “Ask and you shall receive” thing ALL WRONG!


The Universe was only responding to the energy I was emitting and as soon as I learned how the Law of Attraction worked in every day scenarios, I was immediately able to put my new found wisdom to work and MIRACULOUSLY money started flowing my way!

Now, I am living my dream life and have unshakeable faith in all that is on its way.

I feel it´s my duty to share what I have learned to help those who need this information so they can not only better their lives, but better the lives of the generations that come after them. I have mastered the art of guiding people to transform their lives, by using the same tools I used to change myself from a lost, fearful girl to a powerful light worker, world traveler, and owner of multiple successful businesses.

How it works:
  • Click on the video above to watch the first 20 seconds of the course

  • Click on the $ sign at the end of the video to make an energetic exchange of $35

  • It will ask you to sign in with your email address or Facebook

  • Then you’ll get immediate access to the “From Lack to Abundance” Mini Course!

  • Be sure to have a journal to take notes and commit to doing the practices mentioned because they will not work unless you do.


You were not put on this earth to live an average life. 

What created the Universe can definitely bring you more pieces of paper. 

Your deepest desires are to be lived, not to be dreamed of.

I took myself there, and I want you to come with me.

It's time to shift from Fear to Faith.

I want you to have it all.