The Life Purpose, Goals, and Visions of this Soul

In the "Leaders Evolve Together" program I am invested in, I was asked to write down my goals, visions, who I see myself being, what I want to achieve without holding anything back. I decided to share my responses with you so that you could help keep me inspired to follow my visions to help create a better world. Love you!

Life Purpose Messages from my Heart: I am here to enjoy Life and it’s Heavenly beauty. I am here to allow Spirit to express Love through my body with Grace by passionately dancing, singing, and speaking. I am here to be a Voice for Good and a Voice for Truth. I am here to Love myself fully, so that I can overflow with love and leave an Everglow in every person I meet. I am here to help inspire people to look within, to love themselves, love their bodies for functioning, see the beauty in Life, and know with certainty that they can Enjoy, Create, and Love their Life every single day without guilt or fear.

Goals: +Enjoy each present moment I am gifted +Allow the abundant flow of the Universe to circulate in my life +Jump when my Highest Self says to Jump, without fear of others’ opinions +Do all things with Love as the foundation +Speak my Truth when I feel guided to do so +Be patient and Loving with myself +Be a patient, loving, and nurturing mother to my future children and to everyone who needs Love (We are all still children seeking love) +Treat this body as my temple. + Call people out when they are not doing what is the highest good of all and allow them to feel Loved by me anyway, leaving behind a trace of Grace to influence them to act in Love the next time around.

Visions: I can see myself achieving a Nobel Peace Prize. I can see myself being remembered the way Mother Teresa, Jesus, Buddha, are remembered. I can see myself on stage or online inspiring people to live their best life and trust their visions. In my visions, I see myself speaking to a very diverse group of people from millionaires, to spiritual people, to the less educated population, people in prisons, people living in poverty, people all over the world, etc. I can see myself raising Loving and Caring children. I can see myself living an abundant Lifestyle with Ease and Grace, no effort. Just acceptance of the Truth of the Law of Abundance. I can see myself enjoying and living everyday to the fullest. I can see myself looking back on my life flashback with a smiling heart. I can see myself as an angel in the next realm, supporting and guiding people to Love and Light. Helping the material world awaken to the beauty of Now.

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful Life journey with me. If there is anything on here that you would like to help with or anything I could do to help you, reach out to me! I would love to help anyway that I can and am open and ready to receive any help your soul is calling you to help with!

With Grace & Gratitude,

Grecia Daleth Elva Chapa

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