"Why a God that punishes was created and why this is not ultimate truth."

Some people comment on crystals, tarot, and manifesting and claim that it the devil's work. I can totally understand why they would think these thoughts. I too thought that once when I adapted a belief system that was passed on for centuries through a family member's decision to choose a specific religion over the other religions and beliefs for their own personal reasons. I never thought of questioning if I believed it myself as I was told questioning anything would make God angry and he would send me to hell.

I was too afraid of God to ever experience its love.

I didn't want to get punished for wearing shorts or go to hell for getting my ears pierced. So to avoid pain, I became an atheist and set aside my spirituality for a couple of years.

In college, I was introduced to The Secret and then started reading books on all the beautiful people like Tony Robbins, Jim Carrey, and Oprah who had a belief that fell between the lines of the Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Spirit Guides, Signs from the other side, The Secret etc. I started experimenting with it after believing that I could have anything I wanted if I just believed that I lived in an Abundant and Loving Universe. It worked so well that I began to think bad on religions because they didn't know what they were talking about and they were scaring people away from God more than they were being an example of Love.

I continued to read more books and experimented with Love and God for myself and then I found my truth in the teachings of Buddha. I found my truth in the teachings of Jesus Christ. I found my truth through meditation. Then I found my truth through prayer. I found my Truth about Love and Light and our existence through more than just words I heard but through experiencing my life and the love I receive every single day from Source Energy / Universe / God / Whatever created all of us.

What I know for sure is no matter what you do, God is all loving and when I talked to my friends who have died and come back to life for many different reasons (some of faith and some without), they have ALL said the same thing;

Eternal peace and love and light is waiting for all of us to come home, no matter what you do on this planet.

The only hell there is is the one you create by keeping a belief system that makes you create a hell here on Earth. I was soooo FEARFUL of the Devil that I wouldn't sleep at night. I was so fearful of the devil that I almost missed the Love that I am so grateful to experience now. I was living in Hell here on Earth by choosing to believe a fear based system that was created to help control the population. I have found my truth in ALL of Life and I will continue to love and seek and find.

All of this to say, find your Truth through experimenting with Love and determine for yourself what your highest truth really is. And as always, if you are looking for a spiritual mindset coach to help you in your journey through life, I would love to help anyway that I can!

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